NESA’s focus is on ensuring we have a vibrant and sustainable employment services industry across Australia, and we are dedicated to the development and improvement of employment services and related programmes to ensure that every individual who wants to participate in the world of work can do so.

Established in 1997 as the peak body for all Australian employment services, NESA represents member views through its policy development, advocates on behalf of the industry, and delivers strategic and practical leadership and support.

NESA’s coverage is unique as our membership includes community, not for profit and private sector service delivery organisations with extensive coverage of jobactive providers, Disability Employment Services, Community Development Providers, Remote School Attendance Strategy as well as other critical complementary employment related programmes such as the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, Australian Apprenticeship Centres, Group Training Organisations and New Enterprise Incentives Scheme.

NESA recognises the importance of celebrating our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and greater society. NESA has continued to be committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia and more recently this has been evident with our delivery of key services across remote Australia. These include:

Capacity Building & Consulting:

In the last three years we have delivered over 250 capacity building and consulting projects across Remote Australia in projects as diverse as activity management development, process mapping, facilitating community engagement, business modelling, frontline training, financial management and service delivery review.

Remote School Attendance Strategy:

NESA has led the delivery of the Remote School Attendance Strategy since 2014 where we have successfully delivered over 120 RSAS local training forums which have been attended by over 1600 RSAS workers. NESA continues to work with PM&C to enhance the RSAS strategy introducing online training, accredited training and throughout 2016 the introduction of supplementary forums.

Remote Mental Health First Aid Project:

NESA has been engaged to deliver the new mental health first aid project across remote Australia which will see up to 100 MHFA workshops delivered. PM&C has arranged for mental health first aid training to be offered to all Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) employees and to Community Development Programme and Community Night Patrol employees who work in RSAS locations.

Work undertaken by NESA members across Australia to achieve sustained employment for disadvantaged people is to be admired. It requires high levels of skill, great patience, dedication and compassion. This critically important work directly benefits people seeking employment and achieves our mission to lead a sustainable, effective and diverse employment and related services industry.