Message from the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion

I am pleased to welcome you to the NESA Remote School Attendance Strategy Training Project website.

The Australian Government’s Remote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) is a community driven strategy and I have been encouraged to see a lot of positive impacts on the ground when local school attendance teams work with schools, parents, families, organisations and the broader community to get children to school.

Across the RSAS communities there are many amazing activities taking place to help achieve this important goal. This is the most important task facing Aboriginal communities - without education remote communities face a future of unemployment and poverty. This is my top priority, we all need to be very focused every day and work very hard to get all kids to school every day. Whether you have been working with us since the start of RSAS, or have recently joined the team, the NESA Remote School Attendance Strategy Training Project provides a great opportunity for you to build your skills.

I hope that this training will help you in your role as you continue to work with your community to find local solutions to get children to school every day. Many of you have already attended local forums with the NESA training team. These workshops will continue in 2015. There will also be online courses, mentoring and coaching available to you. I encourage you to make full use of these training opportunities. I hope that this training will also help you with your career aspirations for the future.

Yours sincerely





Nigel Scullion