NESA has been engaged by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to deliver the RSAS Training Strategy across 77 RSAS locations.

A key part of the RSAS training Strategy has been the development of the RSAS toolkit that includes a series of templates, resources and checklists that RSAS providers will be able to access and utilise as required. These are not exclusive and they are not prescriptive – they merely provide suggestions in order to assist providers in obtaining useful resources to assist them in the delivery of the remote school attendance strategy.

You may find that there are other words, phrases or instructions that you need to use for your particular region, or that some of what is suggested is unnecessary. Please remember these are guides only.

The NESA RSAS toolkit can be extended at any time. For more information on our RSAS Toolkit please call our NESA remote team on (02) 9119 3090.

NESA RSAS Toolkit Resources

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