The role of the School Attendance Officer is referenced slightly different throughout the states:

NSW - School Attendance Officer
WA - School Engagement Officer
QLD - School Attendance Officer
NT - School Attendance Officer 
SA - School Attendance Officer

The purpose of the role is to support families, parents, carers and children so that school aged children attend school regularly and on time. 

The key task of the role will include:

(1) Make a daily check on children not attending school
(2) Visit the homes of children not attending school and places where children 'hang out'
(3) Talk to parents and carers about the help that is needed to get children to school
(4) Walk or drive children to school if this help is requested by a parent or carer
(5) Help children who need help to get breakfast, school lunch, school uniform, homework or afterschool care help
(6) Help with promoting and informing people in the community about the importance of regular school attendance


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Download the NESA RSAS School Attendance Supervisor form to complete your profile. Please email the completed and signed form, along with your photo labelled with your name to If you have any questions, please contact our Sydney office 02 9119 3090.