Attendance Rate

Indigenous students are estimated to be behind non-Indigenous students by the equivalent of approximately two and half years of schooling in the tested areas of literacy, science and mathematics. Without adequate literacy and numeracy skills, Indigenous children and young people will find it difficult to take advantage of opportunities through the mainstream.


One quarter of the gap in educational attainment is attributed to poor school attendance. In 2015, the overall attendance rate for Indigenous students nationally was 83.7 per cent, compared with 93.1 per cent for non-Indigenous students. In very remote areas only 23 percent of Indigenous students attend more than 90 percent of the time.


We also know that fewer Indigenous Australian children attend pre-school and so are less school-ready than other children. Attendance rates are associated with academic performance and there is a greater need to focus on what goes on outside the school gate in Indigenous communities to ensure children attend school. Education is also a key factor in improving health and wellbeing.